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Brandon Mushlin | Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer has articles, blogs & ghostwriting seen in ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN iReport, San Diego Union Tribune and many other media outlets.

what is a creative strategist?

as A creative strategist, I USe both the left (analytical), and right (creative) sides of the brain to create near immediate results for my clients. THOMAS EDISON Once SAID, "VISION WITHOUT EXECUTION IS HALLUCINATION." MY UNIQUE ABILITY IS TO CLEARLY SEE YOUR VISION. MY PURPOSE IS TO HELP CREATE IT.

As a Creative Strategist, I'm designed to thrive in a multitude of areas, having spent years learning multiple disciplines, with the sole purpose of creating focused, high-impact value for my clients.

My clients seek a fresh unique perspective and results that align with their vision. The right strategy eliminates your need to wear all hats, creating time and energy to focus on what you do best.

I travel non-stop while I work, seeing new places and meeting great people. I'm a direct, to-the-point, No B.S., heart-centered connector, I see the clearest path to your vision then masterfully execute its design with you.


where do you need THE MOST HELP?

The most successful entrepreneurs hire creative strategists so they can stay focused on growing their company. I FOCUS on the 3 most crucial areas that support the vision of any business' long term strategy. By integrating my creative nature with my love of design, i provide epic solutions with lasting results. so where shall we start?

brand Strategy

is your brand screaming out for a re-design? are you positioned as an industry authority to build, market and drive your brand to the highest of levels? it doesn't have to cost thousands to design a site that creates action, interest, and success. design for those you wish to serve.

lead marketing

IS your website, content, social media and relationships designed to drive the clients you wish to attract? do you know how to generate non-stop revenue? lead marketing is a crucial component to any business. properly executing on the right design brings consistent lead flow.

financial design

Do you wish to design the perfect credit profile, obtain access to great rates, and loans? do you have endless access to capital, legal protection & advice designed for the long term vision. smart financial design ensures you stay on target,  reduce costs & increase revenue.

why hire a creative strategist?

clients hire me for brand strategy, lead marketing and financial design to create additional 5-7 figure monthly incomes. no two clients' requests are the same, which is why I bring forward powerful tools, solutions to execute upon your ultimate vision. my creative work has taken me across the world and back with amazing public and private companies. it would be an honor to help you next.

Brandon Mushlin | Is a Top Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer, working with Solopreneurs & Entrepreneurs in the areas of Design, Marketing & Financial Growth.

creative strategists stay well connected.

creative strategists usually bring an impressive rolodex of strategic connections, mine just so happen to span the globe. with these strategic relationships, i strive to bring crucial, thought out value to my client's vision. utilizing these partners & relationships, create lasting results for my clients.

Brandon Mushlin | Top Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer designs the right connections to create the growth and lasting opportunities. 

creative strategists thrive in all areas.

i've coNSuLTED FOR over 110 creative projects, served more than 1000 entrepreneurs & assisted in closing more than 2.5B in financial transactions worldwide over the last 21 years. it's an honor to work with great VISIONARIES.

Brandon Mushlin - Top Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer has consulted for over 100 creative projects, and served more than 1000 entrepreneurs world wide. 

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