why hire a creative strategist?

full stack marketers Turn Nickels into dollars!

Clients hire me to create additional streams of revenue for their business by helping them avoid the shiny toys & costly noise. No two clients' requests are the same. For every client, I integrate powerful marketing tools, analytics, and solutions to execute their vision. My creative work has taken me across the world and back, working with amazing teams. It would be an honor to serve you next.

Brandon Mushlin | Is a Top Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer, working with Solopreneurs & Entrepreneurs in the areas of Design, Marketing & Financial Growth.

creative strategists stay well connected in multiple industries.

Select the right creative strategists, and they'll bring an impressive rolodex of strategic connections. Mine span the globe and bleed greatness, passion, and hard work. Strong, forward thinking relationships we use creates unmatched value to our client's goals.

Brandon Mushlin | Top Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer designs the right connections to create the growth and lasting opportunities. 

creative strategists thrive in all areas.

I'v consulted for over 280 creative projects, served more than 2200 entrepreneurs, consulted for over 70 corporate brands, & assisted in closing more than 2.5B in financial transactions worldwide over the last 22 years. The only way to create results like this is by avoiding the shiny objects, spending millions in marketing, hundreds of thousands in split testing, and learning the hard way. 

Brandon Mushlin - Top Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer has consulted for over 100 creative projects, and served more than 1000 entrepreneurs world wide.