meet brandon mushlin, quite possibly your next great creative strategist.

A Short Story About Me:

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs, it's in my blood and I choose no other way to create the life I am so fortunate to live. I am sure you, being an entrepreneur, feel the same fire and excitement for your business. (If not, why are you doing it?)

My passion is helping clients do what they love, operating their company focused on the role that makes them the most money, while outsourcing areas of their life that free up time to stay in that role. 

Brandon Mushlin - Top Creative Strategist & Freelance Writer works with Solopreneurs seeking results in areas of brand design, marketing and financial growth.

Realizing where I work best allowed my life to align on levels never before experienced. Getting to this point of creating a life of balance, success and understanding did not come without incredible costs and lessons.

"I rode the roller coaster of success and failure many times, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lessons, lost many relationships, a few homes and combated inordinate amounts mental stress. Yet giving up was never an option." 

I call this my accelerated learning curve, each time having come out on the other side with a smile from learning the lessons.

Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." This great quote sounds like the world of the entrepreneur, doesn't it? This certainly was true in my own life. Thinking I was prepared, yet sorely mistaken when something came out of left field and caught me off guard.

I've learned people make the most significant changes to their lives when they've hit their disruption point. The point where "the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of changing."

Over 20 years ago I set out on a journey which would take me across the world, at times with nothing more than a backpack. I realized I was creating profound relationships that not only impacted my life but also the lives of my clients. It was the best decision ever made, and so, my journey continues.

Mountain Views, Climbing, Hiking, Camping, a perfect way to balance with nature when seeking to refresh creativity.

None of the struggles I've encountered stopped me from studying, growing, traveling, and creating massive success for my clients. Which is why I don't let any excuse stop my clients from reaching their goals. When you're a true entrepreneur at heart, nothing will stop you either. 

My goal is to create connections, opportunites and balance in your life that did not exist prior to connecting with me. With the right idea or connection, magic can happen and lives change! 

Do What You Love. You Have But One Life, Make It Count.


*Consulted for over 1000 entrepreneurs, over 70 startups, financial institutions, and public companies worldwide in the last 21 years.

*Completed over 100 creative projects since 2003, including writing books, blogs, and articles, having been featured in Major Media for many clients.

*Participated in thousands of transactions totaling over 2.5 Billion, leading to the creation of multiple 6 and 7-figure first-time income earners in multiple fields.

*Known for spontaneously purchasing one-way international airline tickets, having traveled to countries in Asia, Europe & Africa. A natural born wanderer, most comfortable with hiking boots, backpack, and no agenda.

*Passion for martial arts, yoga, meditation, weight training, the mountains, and ocean. I started instruction at the age of 3 and in 2015 fulfilled a lifelong dream of training various styles throughout S.E. Asia. I will return to train multiple times throughout my life.

*Cross-trained in Disruptive Strategies, PR, Marketing, Brand Strategy, Social Media, Creative Direction, Authority Marketing, Operations, Real Estate, Mortgage, Private Finance, Commercial Lending, Fundraising, Venture Capital, Micro-Cap Marketing, Credit Analysis, Legal Partnering, Joint Ventures, Cyber-Protection & Due Diligence.

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